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Employment Type Full-Time
Minimum Experience Entry-level
Compensation $21,500-$24,500/per person DOE

Are you looking for rewarding work with your significant other and willing to relocate to New Mexico? We are looking for couples to work as House parents/Associate House parents.

Signing bonus upon start. If interested, please contact us at or contact Britney Larson directly at


We are looking for couples who:

  • Have no more than two children currently living with them. 
  • Are willing and able to model healthy behaviors, morals and values.
  • Are willing to work with youth from troubled backgrounds. 
  • Have a commitment to constant and never-ending improvement. 

If hired, couples will need to be willing to engage in continual growth and learning about dealing with kids. 


We offer salary, room and board, medical coverage, life insurance and four weeks of vacation per year as compensation for this rewarding work. Starting salary is $21,500 (per person) and goes up to $24,000 (per person) DOE. Generally, housing consist of two or three bedrooms, living room, kitchen and two bathrooms. While accommodations may vary, we strive to provide quality housing for all employees working directly with kids. A maximum of two pets are allowed and we do require a pet deposit.


  • Demonstrate and teach residents basic skills such as room organization, cleaning, work-ethic, punctuality, recreational activities, manners, cooking, laundry and clothing care, time management, communication skills, relationship building, conflict resolution, financial management, etc.
  • Prepare breakfast on weekday mornings when you’re scheduled to be on duty as well as three meals per day on weekends and days when the residents are not in school and you are on duty
  • Maintain an atmosphere of organization in the cottage and an aptitude for planning and managing daily activities
  • Assist with educational skills as needed
  • Follow and maintain a schedule for routine medications as needed
  • Assist residents with minor illnesses or injuries
  • Attend church activities with the residents and answer questions about faith, as they arise
  • Transport residents to activities or appointments in vans, as assigned
  • Excel at the supervision of residents in the cottage, on campus, on activities away from the Ranch or in any situation involving the residents when House Parents are on duty
  • Teach and manage cottage projects and vocational training projects
  • Communicate concerns to other members of The Ranches’ team, as needed
  • Produce quality electronic reports daily when on duty
  • Maintain minor repairs and upkeep in the cottage and staff quarters and on assigned vehicles and equipment
  • Develop healthy relationships with the family members of residents
  • Utilize The Ranches’ level system and other methods defined in The Ranches’ program to reinforce positive discipline and behavioral expectations
  • Use common-sense – in daily life and in teaching techniques - to encourage residents in behavioral and relationship improvements.
  • Utilize healthy communication skills, both to hear and to speak, in ways that provide effective interactions with The Ranches’ team and visitors to our campus.
  • Provide thoughtful, accurate and helpful information to the staff and family members about the resident's activities and interactions with others during scheduled assessment meetings
  • Provide hospitality to all visitors; particularly when assigned give tours

 FBI fingerprint check is required for all employees involved in childcare. For some positions other checks are required such as a criminal records check, driver’s record check, child abuse check, name-social security check, etc.

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  • Location
    BELEN, New Mexico
  • Department
  • Employment Type
  • Minimum Experience
  • Compensation
    $21,500-$24,500/per person DOE